"Gaiff hi"

Translation:She may

July 4, 2016



Wouldn't "caiff hi" be "she may"? Doesn't the mutation turn it into a question... "may she?"

July 4, 2016


Sometimes, but not always. A statement starting with caiff etc can be mutated, as it often is with forms of cael and gwneud particularly.

This comes from a missing particle mi or fe which you will sometimes hear in front of positive statements.

  • Mi gaiff hi goffi, wrth gwrs - She may have a coffee, of course
  • Fe gaiff hi goffi - She may have a coffee
  • Gaiff hi goffi - She may have a coffee
  • Caiff hi goffi - She may have a coffee

A question form will always be mutated, be followed by a question mark in writing and, as in English, have a rising tone in the spoken question.

  • Gaiff hi goffi? - May she have a coffee?

(That mutation at the beginning is also caused by a different missing particle which used in front of questions, but one that you will not come across in informal Welsh. )

July 5, 2016
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