"Do you see banks or schools outside?"

Translation:Kint bankokat vagy iskolákat látsz?

July 4, 2016

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Why is te bankokat vagy iskolákat látsz kint wrong?


Te bankokat vagy iskolákat kint látsz? isn't though.


It says "Another correct solution" is the exact same thing with a lowercase "K" in "kint". Is it not necessary to capitalize words at the beginning of a sentence in Hungarian?


There are still quite a few places where you'll see "another correct solution" offered with incorrect capitalization. This almost always happens in sentences where an optional pronoun has been removed from the beginning of sentence (leaving an uncapitalized word at the beginning) or added to the beginning of a sentence (making two capitalized words in a row).


In the 'correct order' means another thing. If you want to do it in question form you should say "Látsz kint bankokat vagy iskolákat?"


Your question demands a yes or no as an answer. Do you see either or you don't? The given question demands a choice. What do you see? Banks or schools?


----------- duo accepted exactly this from me, a few moments ago . . .

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