"Ezeket hol találom meg?"

Translation:Where can I find these?

July 4, 2016

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what does the meg do here?


"meg" in connection with a verb usually shows that the action is finished. It doesn't really matter in this case, you could just say "ezeket hol találom?", other example: "ettem a levest" (I was eating the soup), "megettem a levest" (I ate/I've eaten the soup)


I am trying to wrap my head around this in this context. I understand the difference between ''I was running" and 'I ran' but not quite sure how the action was finished when someone is asking how to do something in the future.


As I said, there's no difference in the meaning with or withour "meg" in this case and I think most people would say this without "meg" so you might as well just move on. :)

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