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  5. "זה בגד הים שלךָ?"

"זה בגד הים שלךָ?"

Translation:Is this your swimwear?

July 4, 2016



Why doesn't בגדי have ה as well? The whole thing is definitive...


In construct state (noun-noun) only the second word gets a 'ה, while in definite noun-adjective both get a 'ה.


I'll have to look up what a construct state is but it's two words that made up one "term" does that not matter?


Why הים and not ים


I'm learning Hebrew, ok, but I think it's because it's a construct phrase.. and the hey is needed because you put it on the second word (in a construct phrase). For "the". (And/or) Because you need a hey because of the possessive pronoun, you always add a hey to that word unless it's a name or family member.

I'm sure an Israeli will be able to clarify. It's probably in the tips and notes or in the discussion board. Update: it's in the tips and notes, but I don't think it's explained particularly well there. Just, the hey is needed to be "definite", and in a construct phrase (or construct state) it goes on the second word.

Here are some explanations (I do not support or advocate for the sources or sites. They do seem like good articles. My disclaimer):




Is there a difference between the "correct" translation and "Is this swimsuit yours"?


Is this swimsuit yours= בגד הים הזה שלך


Why is it בגד instead of בגדי?


The plural form is בגדי ים, the singular בגד ים.


In English, you can also say, as a question, This is your swimsuit? [emphasis on the this] It should be accepted as an answer

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