"I am eating a tomato."

Translation:Jem pomidora.

July 4, 2016

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Why is it pomidora, and not pomidor?


Pomidor (and many other food related words and/or plants) is exception to the "animation rule". It is "grammatically animated", which means it has accusative case=genitive case.

and you need accusative case after "jem".


What if im eating someone elses soup ? Is it still in the genitive ?


accusative - Biernik (kogo? co?) jem, mam, widzę
genitive - Dopełniacz (kogo? czego?) nie jem/mam/widzę

zupa (feminine noun)
I eat (my/your/his) soup - Jem (kogo? co?) zupę
I don't eat any soup - Nie jem (kogo? czego?) zupy

pomidor (masculine animate noun)
I eat a tomato - Jem (kogo? co?) pomidora
I do not eat any tomato - Nie jem (kogo? czego?) pomidora


Jem (kogo? co?) pomidora. (kto? co?) pomidor


So I chose pomidor and it said that it is correct and offered another version of translation with pomidora? What is correct now?


Both, actually. "Pomidor" is the "technically" correct version, but "pomidora" is so widely used that for the vast majority of natives it's the only option that sounds natural.

"Pomidor" is not technically animate, but it is usually treated as such and therefore most people say "pomidora".


Yes, I cannot imagine anyone saying "idę zapalić papieros", although that would theoretically be correct...


So every time it is jem it is pomidora?


As it was discussed above - technically it should be 'pomidor', but in real life speech that would feel really weird. So "jem pomidora", yes.

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