"The man sleeps while the children eat."

Translation:הגבר ישן בזמן שהילדים אוכלים.

July 5, 2016



I noticed that the hover menu suggests האיש as well as הגבר. Is there a distinction between the two? I think the former was used in Biblical Hebrew, and it is clearly related to ישה.

July 5, 2016


The word "איש" is used more like the word person in English and "גבר" is used more like man (especially to emphasize manhood).

Sometimes they are interchangeable, like in this sentence

July 5, 2016


don't have Hebrew keyboard

December 16, 2018


יושן - sleeps ישן - old

August 29, 2016


Sorry, but יושן is not correct. Both "old" and "sleeps" are written the same - ישן - they are just pronounces differently. Old is "yashan" and sleeps is "yashen"

April 17, 2017
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