"Az szék?"

Translation:Is that a chair?

July 5, 2016

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How is "Is that a chair?" and "That's a chair?" different?


If you are talking about standard written English, Is that a chair? is a neutral question, while That's a chair? is what I call a "surprise/confirmation question" (I'm not sure of the proper word) -- you would use it only if you had just heard someone call it a chair and you found that surprising and wanted to confirm that you heard correctly, so you repeat the statement but with a question intonation.


Thanks you for your elaborate answer, it is much appreciated.


"Az" can mean "that" but in Hungarian, when it's the first word in a question, it can also mean "is that?"


How do you say:"That chair?". Context. Some asks me to go sit on the chair, there are two chairs to sit on. I point at one of the chairs and say: "Az szék? (That chair?)". Can this be correct? Or does it need to be: "Az a szék?"


Az a szék? = That chair?

Az szék. = That is a chair.

Az szék? =Is that a chair?

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