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  5. "Tôi là rễ cây."

"Tôi rễ cây."

Translation:I am the root.

July 5, 2016



Tôi là Groot.


linux refference?


I guess this is supposed to be a pun, but it's confusing. I was expecting "I am the root".


What does this mean? Does it even make sense?


Literal translation to me is... "I am the tree root." Since you can refer rễ to other plants... rễ cõ, the grass root.


'I am root' means nothing in English.

[deactivated user]

    Nonsensical or incorrect English...


    Non-sensical, maybe, but formally grammatical in that it contains a subject, a copula and a complement.


    Is the root of a problem a "rễ Cây"?


    No. It's in reference to a tree root. There's another term for 'root/source of a problem'...'giốc'


    In any event this is not english


    Reminds me of the difference between "honne" and "tatemae" in Japanese.


    Unless we're talking about being a computer admin, this makes no sense. "The root" or "A root" if talking about plants.


    When did they change this to "I am THE root" when it was originally "I am root"? I am all for making changes to incorporate correct answers, but if "I am root" is also correct, then it should continue to be accepted.


    changes have been made 4 weeks ago by a fellow contributor. I actually agree with the removal of "I am root", it's not grammatically correct in English. I know it's a matter of debate, some would argue for accepting transliteration, others would be against.


    I would accept both. I am not worried about it being good English as much as some (I'm all for accepting literal translations in fact, as to me that's perhaps the best way to remember how to construct a sentence in another language, without all the word rearrangements) but I'm happy to accept a broad range of English answers, be they good English or not. What I don't like is when the English is so off or arbitrary that while we understand the meaning perfectly we can't construct or remember the only English accepted because it's so awkward or unusual. In that case, allowing literal translations gives us a fallback option.


    The simple answer would be to use phrases that make sense. There must be a lot of statements that can use root in a better way.

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