"Az igazgató beszáll a liftbe és felmegy a kilencedik emeletre."

Translation:The director gets into the elevator and goes up to the ninth floor.

July 5, 2016

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Is there any difference between elevator and lift, which I don't know? It wasn't accepted twice and I reported it.


Lift is the british, elevator is american is the only difference as far as I know


What is the difference between igazgató and rendező?


Igazgató = director of a company or school etc.

Rendező = filmdirector


Should also accept "manager" (I have reported it). "Director" wrt a company is a specialized word in English. It rarely means someone in charge - rather it means a member of the board who make decisions about company direction, money, takeovers etc. I get the feeling that igazgató is more the hands on boss ie the "manager". Or am I wrong?


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