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"Ŝi studis Esperanton je la aĝo de dudek tri."

Translation:She studied Esperanto at the age of twenty-three.

July 5, 2016



How would it be in spanish? "Je" confused me.


A little late but here we go: "Estudió Esperanto a la edad de 23" or an even better translation, "Estudió Esperanto a los 23 años". In both cases "je" can be translated as "a".


Je is an "indefinite" preposition. When something isn't clearly in, on, over, under, through, in front of, etc, and the preposition used in most languages is really just abirtrary, in Esperanto, it is "je"


I swear this bloke doesn't pronounce the "k" in "dudektri"


I translated studis as has studied. Is it because Esperanto has only the past perfect that the compound perfect is not accepted?

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