"We are standing in front of him."

Translation:אנחנו עומדים מולו.

July 5, 2016

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Anakhnu omdim mulo.


I take this to mean we are facing him. If we are standing in front of him in line, in other words, ahead of him and with our back to him, is it still מול?


In my opinion Mul is only face to face.


That would be לפניו.


Why can't you say, "אנחנו עומדים לפניו?"
I feel quite certain I've heard this before.


Lefanav is before him. Like when standing in line.


Not מוליו? Based on the subject of this lesson.


There are to ways to conjugate prepositions. You are right that the topic here (as seen in Tips & Notes) are prepositions that use the plural suffix, but מול uses the singular suffix for conjugation, so it's מולו.


No there is no such word.

his dog - Kalbo his front - Mulo


I've read many comments about לפני and מול ,and now I'm totally confused about what means what.

..before, in front of, facing, opposite to, across, and their antonyms אחרי and מאחורי ..


There is some controversy here. What I think is the following :

Opposite, across and facing are pretty similar in English. The choice of one over the other would be some kind of nuance or personal preference. They translate to מול.

Before and in front of do mean, implicitly, that I'm facing something (because otherwise it wouldn't be in my front) but are more positional inclined, they translate to לפני.

The words מלפני and מאחורי are in front of and in back of (or behind), but not before it after.

The first group has a certain relativity, between to objects. The second two are absolute, or at least, referencing a system external to the objects.

Some might disagree with what I just wrote.

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