"Te jó autókat szeretsz, vagy szépeket?"

Translation:Do you like good cars, or beautiful ones?

July 5, 2016

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Shouldn't the correct answer be: Do you like good cars, or pretty ones?

I thought that szép meant pretty, and gyönyörű meant beautiful. Or are those terms interchangeable?


You are right, gyönyörű has a stronger meaning than szép, so I believe it should be accepted.


That's now marked as the "best" answer.


hey, why not both!


This one needs to be rerecorded - it sounds like "Te új autókat..." I still got it wrong and I had to listen to it four times.


Why do I keep hearing új autókat?


I typed, "Do you like good autos or beautiful ones?" and it didn't accept it. It says 'cars' is required. Wouldn't 'autos' work too?


i dont remember hearing english people call cars "autos", so i dont think it should work.


I'm American and we use the word 'auto' for passenger vehicles (cars, pickup trucks, etc.) all the time. We have websites like 'autotrader.com' and 'auto.com'. Repair shops or garages are called 'Auto Repair' shops, etc., Autoworks, Auto Parts... I saw a response below that the work 'auto' has 'fallen out of fashion in the US, and I have to disagree wholeheartedly.


I don't know, we use "auto" regarding plenty of things related to motor vehicles, but when's the last time you heard someone say "I parked my auto out back?" For me they're not interchangeable.


I work in transportation and we use 'auto and vehicle' all the time when speaking with customers and they know we are talking about their cars. If 'automobile' can translate to 'autó' in Hungarian it would be nice if the shortened form, 'auto', would be an accepted response, just like car.


It escapes me why 'szep' is plural here. Both 'jo' and 'szep' describe 'autok' ? Doesn't the sentence read as: 'Te jo autokat szeretsz vagy te szep autokat szeretz'


"szép" is plural because there is no noun attached to it directly. If we would group the adjectives with the noun then the plural wouldnt be needed: "Te jó vagy szép autókat szeretsz"

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