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  5. "Keiner von uns ist perfekt."

"Keiner von uns ist perfekt."

Translation:None of us is perfect.

February 1, 2014



Nobody is perfect. I am nobody. Therefore, I am perfect.


... so I gotta work it


again and again 'til I get it right


shouldnt it be "None of us is perfect" b/c none is singular so by subject-verb agreement, is should be singular?


Yes - it absolutely should use "is" instead of "are."


But as a native english speaker I find that to sound really weird and I'd probably use "are" since you're really referring to the group


Even in Spanish it is wrong, but who knows what Germans are like. In Spanish "Todas las personas estamos.............. It is the same idea. The verb refers to a group of people. I think maybe the original sentence on here was "Nobody is Perfect." which is correct English and than Duolingo changed it to this for some reason because the original commenter above us, up there, lol uses "Nobody is Perfect."


The correct English is, "None of us IS perfect." The subject, none, is singular. (Try entering the German text into Google Translate and see what you get.)


A) Natural Language Processing is one of the hardest problems in Computer Science today. Google Translate is far from perfect, and unless it statistically generated different correct translations each time you typed in the same sentence on the left hand side, it's only able to show you one correct answer, even though there could be dozens.

B) According to the following six links, "None of us are" is perfectly valid, and is often the only valid construction. The last link is a citation for the fifth and sixth links.








Also, "none of us is" and "none of us are" typed into Google with quotes both return about 25 million results (i.e. similar amounts).

Also, Ray Charles has a song titled "None Of Us Are Free" that was covered by both Lynyrd Skynyrd and Solomon Burke.

For our specific example, Oscar Wilde wrote a play in 1895 called "The Importance of Being Earnest" that has the exact words "None of us are perfect" in Act II.

Michael Huffington, a former congressman, is quoted as saying, "None of us are perfect, and we all make mistakes. But the American people are a very forgiving people."

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Check out Google N-Grams for both expressions: https://goo.gl/SKldvx. It looks like "none of us is" takes over around the 1930s.



Thanks for the link. Both are still pretty common though. Edit: "None of us are" passes "None of us is" in 2008.


I am believing that both are correct in this one example since None (which is really 'not one') can refer to "not a single person", or "not one or more people":

"None of us IS perfect." = "Not a single ONE (member) of us (our group) is perfect." (Singular subject = IS)
"None of us ARE perfect." = "Not ONE or even SEVERAL (members) of us (our group) are perfect." (Plural subject = ARE)

Maybe it's a stretch, but I'm thinking this is not just an exception to the rule. This is an example of NONE meaning "Not one or more" instead of just "Not (a single) one".

That's just my logic, anyway.


And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie. (One of my favourites.)

Yes, "none" can be used as both singular and plural.


If it can go either way, Duolingo should NOT call "None of us is perfect" an error.


Lol. None is singular. Notwithstanding all of the apparent errors on the net


Lol. “None” can refer to ‘not one of...’ making it singular, or ‘not any of...’ making it plural.


The correct way to say this in English is "None of us are perfect." Are is plural so it is referring to us. Are is referring to the entire phrase 'none of us". Prepositional phrase or something like that in English. None is singular by itself, but it is part of a prepositional phrase and the entire phrase "None of us" is plural so you would use "are" which is also plural.


Why is it keineR?


I too would like an answer for this question.


The preposition "von" requires a dativ construction.


Thanks for your answer but I'm still confused, "von" is after "keiner" so why does it take dative? Or is this always the case when "von" is part of the subject in the sentence?


The preposition "von" is always followed by a dative. That has nothing to do with being part of the subject or being located after "keiner". The dative is "uns".

But I think that was not the original question. The question was why is it "keiner".
"keiner" is the masculine nominative form. It is the subject of the sentence, so it needs to be nominative, and you usually use the masculine form if you don't know the gender of the persons or you have a mixed group. If you are talking about a group consisting solely of women you'd say "keine von uns".


"keine" is feminine for "not a" or "no" (when referring to quantity), "Keiner" means nobody (I'm not entirely sure though what the difference between "niemand" and "keiner" is, since they are both accepted in a sentence, even though I've heard that "keiner" is more common and I think that it can only be used in a sentence while "niemand" is more versatile but I may be wrong)


I think that "No one is perfect." should be accepted. :P


If you say "No one is perfect," it implies that not one person in the whole world is perfect. The sentence above is not referring to everyone in the world. It's talking about "not one of us" [being perfect]. Consider the difference between, "Not one of us is blue-eyed," compared to, "No one is blue-eyed."


But why "keiner" not "keinen" guys !!!


It's the subject of the sentence. "Keinen" is used to qualify a noun in accusative case.


Keiner (kein er) without a noun means "kein Mensch" (der Mensch) and is about the same as "niemand" (nobody). For example: Keiner ist perfekt. Otherwise "keiner" needs a "von" (with dative) or a genitive "der". For example: der Nachbar (the neighbour): keiner der Nachbarn or keiner von den Nachbarn; das Kind: kein(e)s der Kinder or kein(e)s von den Kindern; but a child would say: keiner von uns (Menschen); die Katze: keine der Katzen or keine von den Katzen. Keine is also the feminine form of kein.


"None" takes a singular verb in English. "Of us" is a prepositional phrase and does not affect subject/verb agreement. Therefore, the correct English translation should be, "None of us is perfect."


Frustrating for me is that keine and keiner and similar pairs of words are impossible to disTinguish


Well, keine and keiner mean the same thing, but it's the grammar that makes them different. :)


Should be, "None of us is perfect"


Would "no one among us is perfect" make sense?


I wrote the same thing...


Me too. Did you report it?


Grammar Point     none of  When you use NONE OF with an uncountable noun, the verb is in the singular: None of the work was done.  When you use NONE OF with a plural noun or pronoun, or a singular noun referring to a group of people or things, you can use either a singular or a plural verb. The singular form is used in a formal style in British English: None of the trains is/​​are going to London.  None of her family has/​​have been to college


"No one is perfect" = incorrect

To me, this is the most common way to say this phrase.


The phrase "Keiner von uns" implies "none of us." This not the same as "no one." None of us are grammar experts, but others (not among us) are experts. If you really mean to say that no one (or nobody) is perfect, then you would say "Niemand ist perfekt." No one knows what life in another universe is like.


Is the "von" optional here? I thought "of" was implied. For instance, Eine Tasse Wasser.


Except Nicolas Cage. Nicolas Cage is Perfect.



Sorry, but the English is inperfect. No one is a single subject, so it should be none if us IS perfect.


What is the difference between niemand and keiner. I answered the above as "none". for keiner - and was marked correct. When I used "none" in "Niemand von uns ist willkommen" this was also marked as correct


“Nobody of us” is awkward. Generally, “Not one of us” or “None of us is perfect.” Most commonly used is “Nobody ist perfect”


I put "Nobody is perfect" and it was marked wrong. Now, I know it is not a literal translation, but that is the common phrase. Besides, nobody is listed within the hints for 'Keiner von uns ' therefore it should be accepted.


Nobody of us is perfect... this is not true :S why?

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"None of us (not one of us) is perfect."

"Nobody is perfect"

Nobody of us is incorrect in English. Also, if you're learning English, to say, "None of us are perfect," is actually incorrect, although colloquially used.


Because I am perfect! Just kidding. Keiner = not one. So, not one of us is perfect


How would you say "nothing about us is perfect?"


Vielleicht etwas wie ... "Nichts über uns ist perfekt".


I think No one and nobody are the same


Von is 'from'..... And here it is "of".... The drop down hints show, from + of + by.... when to use what...It's confusing


Prepositions are always confusing when you try to compare them from a language to the next. Just learn where they are used in German without trying to translate them one word at a time.


Why are instead of is ?


I got a result for this as "No. 1" instead of "no one".


This would be a system glitch. I hope Duolingo has corrected it.


Except me, obviously.


None should take the third person singular in english, i.e. none is, not none are. Shame on you!


If it's good enough for Wilde, it's good enough for me.


If "uns" is plural, why is it "ist" and not "sind"?

As in: " Keiner von uns <sind> perfekt."


Bad English!! Should be none of us is perfect. You need to fix this.


Or the expression (Oder der Ausdruck): Keiner ist perfekt. = Niemand ist perfekt. = Niemand ist vollkommen. Means the same (Bedeutet das gleiche): Nobody is perfect.


The English is wrong. None of us IS perfect.


Speak for yourself.


Why kiner and not keine or keinen?


No one = none (of us - does not affect the verb) therefore the verb is singular - IS


This is correct in German, but not in English. In English it's - None of us, are perfect. None of us is a phrase meaning We. You could always learn ghetto talk and talk ghetto in America if that's what you want or say stuff like "We is not perfect."


That is incredibly bad english, you'd say it as "None of us are perfect" in normal conversation.


But they are saying None of us IS perfect. I was trying to explain to them why we use are instead of is. Us and we are the same group of people, but in the sentence the entire phrase is None of us. Just like we would say We are perfect and not We is perfect.


In English No one and none are different words. Example. There is no one at the mall.


None of us are happy. How do you say this in German?


I wasn't finished! I hit the keyboard with the corner of my hand...


In American English we say "Nobody's perfect." Why would that be marked wrong in the program? ☹


To avoid the grammar issues, I wrote 'no one is perfect. ' Why is this wrong?


because the "of us" part is missing


I put "None of us are perfect" and it accepted it but then recommended "None of us is perfect" and as a native english speaker that sounds really weird


Is niemand von uns ist perfekt correct as well?


can we say "niemand von uns ist perfekt"?


You can. But it sounds a little odd (don't ask me why). "keiner" is better here.


I don't quite understand why so many comments are saying that the correct English is "None of us IS perfect". This sounds extremely awkward, and should be "none of us ARE perfect"

The German sentence is something I understand to mean something like "Nobody out of us is perfect", and in this scenario, "IS" is the correct conjugation because the focus of the sentence is on the singular word "nobody". in the example, the focus is on the plural word "us" and therefore the correct English is "none of us ARE perfect"

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