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  5. "זאת הילדה."

"זאת הילדה."

Translation:This is the girl.

July 5, 2016



Please explain when we should use א or not. For example, why is "zot" spelled זאת instead of זות? Should something in the pronunciation tip us off? Why does "imah" end with א instead of ה, even though it is feminine? It seems random.


This is kind of like asking why the word "cookie" starts with a C, but has a K in the middle for the same sound. Or why there's an s in the word island, or a t in castle, etc. Or why in the world there's no w in the word "one." ;)

A lot of the spelling is historical, and just has to be memorized. Kind of frustrating, but that's the way it is.


what is the correct pronunciation of ֹֹזאת ?


Why "zot hayalda" - this is the girl - is not correct?

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