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"Az asztalokon lámpák is vannak."

Translation:There are also lamps on the tables.

July 5, 2016



"There are lamps on the tables also" should be correct. I'm getting very frustrated with this program.


Couldn't I say "The lamps are also on the table"?


Can 'is' be translated as 'too' as well? I tried 'There are lamps on the tables, too,' and it wasn't accepted though it sounds like pretty much the same thing to me.


Yeah, it looks correct though.


------- what am i trying to do is to figure out the difference between "there are " and "the ... " ? the lamps are on the table vs there are lamps on the table . . .

Big 27 may 18


I'm really confused with there is/are in Hungarian. I thought vannak would have to be the first word in the sentence. Is this valid: "Vannak az asztalokon is lampak"?

I was asked to translate this from Hungarian to English. I put down "Lamps are on the table too." Why is that wrong? And what would that be in Hungarian?

EDIT: I realized I put "The Lamps on the table too" without realizing there is no a before lampak. But what I wrote and the translation are very different anyway. Is what I wrote incorrect (even accounting for the "A")?


There is no audio for me on this one. I have to guess what it says, or memorize it for when it repeats later


------- there's very clear audio, here, on this page . . .

Big 8 oct 19

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