"This is a girl."

Translation:זאת ילדה.

July 5, 2016



Firstly (זו) means (this for masculine) and pronounces as (zeh) while (זאת) means (this for feminine) and pronounces as (zot) .... hope it helps

October 6, 2016


Thanks! I think I'm missing something with the pronunciation. " זו" seems to me that it should be pronounced "zo"; - aren't those the letters zion and then vav? Why is it "zeh"?

November 23, 2016


What is the difference between: זאת ילדה and זו ילדה ??

August 25, 2016


I'm also unclear on what זו means. ??

September 14, 2016


Zot (זאת) is the feminine for "this is" and zeh (זו) is masculine for "this is." So they mean the same thing, you would just use the feminine if the subject of the sentence is feminine, and masculine for masculine.

September 26, 2018


No. זאת (pronounced "zot") and זו (pronounced "zo") are both feminine for "this" - the difference is that זו is slightly more formal.

The masculine for "this" would be זה (pronounced "zeh)

April 20, 2019


thank you for the audio - could be better on the actual activity page

July 5, 2016


As far as I'm aware האם is only used to transform a statement into a question, usually a "yes/no" question. But I'm not a native so I'm happy to be corrected.

December 30, 2016


You're correct

March 17, 2018


How do you know when to use האם? I used it here and it said it was wrong but in other sentences earlier in the lesson, when I didn't use it it also said it was wrong and that I needed it...

December 29, 2016


האם makes the sentence a question. האם זאת ילדה=(if) this is a girl?

March 17, 2018


אם is the word "if".

March 17, 2018


I like dulingo

March 17, 2019
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