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"Not one tree stands next to the city, but two."

Translation:A város mellett nem egy fa áll, hanem kettő.

July 5, 2016



Why not "nem egy fa a város mellett áll, hanem kettö", as the focus is on the number of trees??


Oaok, your tree is not in focus in your sentence. Remember that the focus is whatever is in front of the verb, and that's "a város mellett" for you there.

If you want to negate a specific piece of information, you have to place it between the negation and the verb. In this case "nem egy fa áll" needs to stay like that, and you can place "a város mellett" in front or behind that.

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Why is it 'kettő fa' here, and not 'két fa'?


It sounds better with kettő because you're contrasting the numbers.


Can you please explain this more? What's the difference between kettő and két, and how do you know when to use which?


"A város mellett nem egy, hanem kettő fa áll." Why this is wrong?


This is a good sentence. Please report it.


is there any rule for comma's in front of hanem, like in english with 'but'


I believe we always put a comma before hanem and other contrasting words in Hungarian, so that's the rule.


then there is a mistake in the other 'correct' option.


Should there be another comma here after kettő: Nem egy fa, hanem kettő áll a város mellett.


Oh dear, higher spheres of foreign languages. :´)
My feeling says that there's no need to put a comma there, since kettő is still part of the subject of the main clause.


"nem egy fak a varos melett all, hanem ket" - wrong?


got it "fak" in plural


Please also note that mellett is spelt with two 'l', and that your tree should be in front of the áll, since the tree in in focus here.


Is "A város mellet áll nem egy fa hanem kettő" any good?


Not really. The purpose of this sentence is to nail down the number of trees by the city, so the trees need to be in focus, i.e. in front of the verb. Your focus is on the city, which makes it sound like "It's the city (and not anything else) next to which not one but two trees are."

You can place áll behind fa or kettő in your sentence.

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