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  5. "Dych chi'n hoffi pysgota?"

"Dych chi'n hoffi pysgota?"

Translation:Do you like fishing?

July 5, 2016



Is that really how Welsh-speakers say pysgota - pys-go-TA?


No, it's another minor audio glitch. It should be /pys-gOT-a/ with emphasis in the last but one syllable, as usual, and a short final syllable. A slight rise in tone towards the end of the sentence as it is a question.

Go to www.ivona.com and get 'Welsh, Gwyneth' or 'Welsh Geraint' to say Dych chi'n hoffi pysgota neu beidio? and it sounds much more normal - they both seem to over-do the rising tone at the end of the original sentence for some reason.

Nothing that we can do as a team except turn the sound off, which would not be very helpful overall.


That's OK. I just wanted it to be explained in the comments section in case other learners start getting funny looks when asking where to go fishing.


So, euhm, given the glitch, was I completely insane to have heard 'pysgod da'?


I also heard it as 'pysgod da'..


Not at all. It's closer to what was actually said, and it is grammatically and semantically possible.

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