"Він пише фантастику."

Translation:He writes science fiction.

July 5, 2016

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фантастика = fantasy != sci-fi!!!


There is no mention about science fiction in Ukrainian translation(it states "фатнтастика" which translates as fantasy see google translator or bab.la, all of them states the same)


Google translator or bab.la state that "фатнтастика" can be translated as "fantasy" and vice versa, but it does not mean that it should be translated like this in the given context. If we talk about genres of fiction, then "fantasy" translates to "фентезі" and "наукова фатнтастика" to "sci-fi." "Наукова" is often omitted that is why I would translate "фатнтастика" as "sci-fi," too. You are right that the sentence might be ambiguous, so the authors could just add "наукова" to make it clear.

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