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Spellings the are not solely based on American vs. British

Hello, everybody! Today I'm just going to touch upon a relatively trivial topic here. I'm going to talk about it in English, because this topic mainly pertains to the higher-level speakers. (...and I'm a native English speaker...) When reading things in English, you may see certain words spelled differently between American and British sources. For example: color (American) vs colour (British). However, some words are inconsistent, even in the same country. For example, almost all British people write cancelled and traveller, but only about half of Americans do. This also applies to irregular past-tense verbs, such as knelt vs kneeled, dreamt vs dreamed, and so on. Either way is correct.

February 1, 2014

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Thank you for that explanation. I'm not really fluent in English, but I understood the matter you raised, and you clarification will be very useful.


You're welcome.

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