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Adobe flash plugin for Firefox

I am using the newest stable FF and the newest Adobe flash plugin. I am continually having the flash player crash and no longer can use my microphone. Any techies out there with suggestions? I don't seem to have these issues elsewhere.

February 27, 2012



This is an old thread but I found out that if you disable protective mode on the flash player plugin it fixed the problem for me.


I had issues with Firefox too, so I switched to Chrome and have no problems at all


Make sure your Flash plugin is fully up to date. I was having the same problem and was about to download Chrome again (even though I hate Chrome), but I updated my Flash plugin and the problem ended.


Yeah, never mind. Plugin crashed again last night before I went to bed.


I'm on Safari and I repeatedly have the same issue. Rebooting the whole computer helps, but only for a short time. Wish I could find a better solution as well.


I'm having the same problem. I'm on Firefox to. I updated the plugin, but it didn't help. It seems to work for Chrome. I don't know what they changed.


Same problem.

The microphone does appear a couple of times at first, but after a while, it stops appearing. I then have to restart my browser (and automatically, the exercise), and then if I'm lucky I can finish the exercise. But, eventually, the microphone will stop appearing in some other exercise :/

I tried disabling my Adblock plus and Disconnect plugins, whitelisted www.duolingo.com in Adobe flash plugin settings, restarted browser, but the issue keeps returning: When I need to record my speech, the microphone doesn't appear in many cases.

Frustrating. Would be nice if you could restart the plugin from within the Duolingo exercise.

Switching to Chrome to see if that helps.


No issues after three lessons, Chrome seems to be hanlding this much better than Firefox.

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