"Nem vagyok művész."

Translation:I am not an artist.

July 5, 2016



i am no artist is not correct translation, should be i am not artist (what actually was wrong for me) or the conjunction i'm not

July 25, 2016


I don't quite know what you're asking ... but these are correct sentences in English with almost the same meaning:

I am not an artist. (This is a normal sentence but pronounced very clearly, or stressed.)

I'm not an artist. (This is a normal sentence with normal pronunciation.)

I am no artist. (This sounds defensive.)

I'm no artist. (This sounds defensive.)

You cannot just say "not artist". We need an article in English: an.

September 8, 2016


I'm not sure what exactly you mean.

July 26, 2016


Why isn't the verb at the end?

July 5, 2016


This is the neutral word order. "Nem művész vagyok" means that "I'm not an ARTIST (implied: but something else)"

July 5, 2016


Does anybody know when it is okay to drop the article, as in this sentence?

October 9, 2016


In case your question refers to the Hungarian version of the sentence, the answer is that you can drop the indefinite article 'egy' any time.

October 10, 2016


never mind i just found out

December 7, 2016


can Nem be used as no

December 7, 2016


Is there a reason it's not: "Nem művész vagyok" instead? I seem to recall that to say "I am an artist," you would say "művész vagyok". Is this wrong?

December 22, 2016


No particular reason - this is just another sentence with a slightly different meaning. 'Nem művész vagyok.' says it's not an artist what I am (but I am something else nevertheless). 'Nem vagyok művész.' says I'm not [certainly] an artist (and no further hint is given if I am something else at all).

December 22, 2016
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