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  5. "I am your passenger."

"I am your passenger."

Translation:Я ваш пасажир.

July 5, 2016



Is there a female form of this noun? Пасажирка?


Yes, пасажирка is the female form.


I see there is a female response for this from two years ago. If that's the case, shouldn't that response be accepted? - and included as another solution? I typed "Я ваша пасажирка." but it's incorrect, telling me that the correct answer is "Я ваш пасажир."


Hi all, today is March 12, 2021. I'm leaving this comment after almost two years from my first one on April 25, 2019.

My sentence:
Я ваша пасажирка.

...was not accepted. Can we please have some assistance in the Ukrainian program to update these corrections and suggestions? I know I submitted a report for this answer to be accepted two years ago, and now that I've practiced and seen it once again, I've reported it now too.

If there is something wrong with "Я ваша пасажирка." please let me know. Otherwise, I'm asking for it to be accepted as a correct answer. Thanks! :)


Why it's in the "Nature" skill? I think it should be in "Transport" skill.


It is in Transport skill. Sometimes Duolingo adds sentences from other skills to a lesson.

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