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"He shows me how to go to the bathroom."

Translation:Anh ấy chỉ cho tôi làm thế nào để đi đến phòng tắm.

July 5, 2016



Heh, this sentence has a pretty universal meaning in American English that I don't think is intended here. I think "get to" or "find" would be better (safer) than "go to"


This is translated Vietnamese, the natural way is anh ấy chỉ tôi đi đến phòng tắm như thế nào


doesn't chỉ also mean 'only'?


Yes. This is confusing. Can anyone clarify?


'Chỉ' can mean 'only' AND 'show'. Just one of the multiple words with multiple meanings in vietnamese :)


Does phòng tắm have the general meaning of bathroom, or is it specifically used if you need a room with a shower/bathtub/bathing room? For example, if I am in a restaurant (Nhà hàng) which won't have a bathing area, would it still be called phòng tắm?

TLDR: If I need a toilet, would I be able to say this?


Can chỉ and/or để be omitted here?


In this case, chỉ means "to show", "to point out." So it's the main verb of the sentence. You can't omit it.

You can't omit để either. Để means to be able to. Đi means to walk, to go. If you omit để, then it means show you how to walk. Think of "để đi" as "to be able to get to."


Rob is right. Don't use the English translation in the U. S. unless you are teaching someone how to use the toilet. (Had to chuckle when I saw it. )


Could you substitue "làm sao để' for 'làm thế nào để' here?

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