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  5. "הביתה!"


Translation:Go home!

July 5, 2016



Right, shouldn't it be לך הביתה?


That's a nice Hebrew thing (ok, IMO at least) - you take a name of a place, like הבית, ירושלים, מצרים and so on. You just ad a ה in the end, which makes a "A" sound and that implies direction towards that place.

The latter example, מצרים, appears fairly often in the bible - מצרימה, means that someone or something went to Egypt.

So הבית means "the house, the home" and הביתה means "towards the home" or "in the home's direction". Standing alone that sounds like an imperative, telling someone to go home, so the closest English translation would be "go home".

Hope that helps :)


It's not unusual for a parent to say to a child, sometimes if they're behaving badly, "Home, now!"; "To your room, [now]!"; or "[Alright] to bed [everyone]."—often prefaced by the name(s) of the child(ren) and accompanied by pointing toward the target-destination. Short, even single word expressions are not uncommon in communication when context together with other linguistic and paralinguistic features cover the rest (e.g., intonation, tone, stress, gesturing, facial expressions, the surrounding environment, and the overall communicative situation). So we actually do the same thing with constructions such as "[destination]", "to [destination]", and probably many others.


So I guess it means homeward, which we can't use by itself in English (although we can just say "onward").

I assume you can't do that with any place, like בית ספר? What are the limitations?


You can say it with בית ספר, that will be בית הספרה, but that's unusual. I think the limitations are that the noun used should be a place, and in case of סמיכות, as in בית ספר you should use the סמיכות rules to make the noun definite.


Well, as it is not the house towards the book, you have to add the He locale to the place name. Cf. בֵּ֫יתָה יוֹסֵף Gen 43.17 into the housae of Joseph or אַ֫רְצָה מִצְרַ֫יִם Ex 4.20 towards the land of Egypt.


NoamKriten your explanation was absolutely helpful and great ! Thank you well explained ;)


I have the same question. Isnt הביתה the house??


Homeward or toward home should be acceptable?


It's the exclamation point that makes the difference. If it just saidהביתה you could just translate it as to the house. But if you tell someone ! הביתה you are saying "Go home!"


That inflection is downright comical.


The word הביתה means also "her house"


Isn't that ביתה?


Yes, בֵּיתָהּ her house does not add the definite article.


I wrote the answer exactly as it shows הביתה and it was marked wrong, Why?


How is adding a ה at the end of a word to imply direction e.g. e.g. הביתה different from adding a ל prefix e.g. לבית


I know "Habayíta!” would generally be said to a another party and translate to "Go Home!", but could it also be used to talk to a collective party including oneself - similar to "Let's go home!"?


Well, if context makes it obvious that you are part of the homegoing group, this should work as an abbreviation of בּוֹא(וּ) נֵלֵךְ הַבַּ֫יְתַה let us go home too.

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