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  5. "János was born on Sunday."

"János was born on Sunday."

Translation:János vasárnap született.

July 5, 2016



Is it incorrect to say "János vasárnapon született" ??


No, it's correct, but using vasárnap without '-on' is more common. But Monday, Tuesday....Saturday can't be used without the suffix in this case.


Yes, it is absolutely incorrect. People will still understand you, but it is not right.

In Hungarian:

Monday: hétfő. On Monday: hétfőn Tuesday: kedd. On Tuesday: kedden Wednesday: szerda. On Wednesday: szerdán Thursday: csütörtök. On Thursday: csütörtökön Friday: pentek. On Friday: penteken (Pentek az én napom) Saturday: szombat. On Saturday: szombaton


Sunday: vasárnap. On Sunday: vasárnap

E.g. I am going to the park on Sunday. - Vasárnap a parkba megyek


On any other day i need a suffix and on sunday i don't. I could better live with: i never need a suffix (seems to work also with reggel/del and so on) or all 7 days need one.

My grammar book also states that 'on this sunday' has to be 'ezen a vasárnapon' And that is then really bonkers to me. Almost like it is purposely random so people do suffer while learning.

Who came up with exceptions like these? And more so, who keeps it that way? Afaik there was a bigger language reform not that long ago, relatively speaking, but ironing out those kinks was too progressive? Whoever is in charge of the language today: Give it another go! Preferable this night so i can sail smoothly through the rest of the course without ever scratching my head again in the future. lol


Well, remembering that "On Sunday" is just "Vasárnap" isn't so bad... it just takes practice... All languages have exceptions, and English has far more...

So rather than worrying too much about it - let's just learn it and love it ❤️


I don't know if i can "love" exceptions. I would also find it weird when gravity would not go to work, let's say on Sunday... ;-) I guess then we should fix it, not just love floating around. :-D

Sure, this one is not so bad. And they sometimes help to memorize the rule, just because i made a why? mental note.

Will be interesting when the preposition "in" will be in the course, because that is really bananas. Budapesten (Hungary), but Bécsben/Párisban/Berlinben (not Hungary), but Győrben (Hungary with eg -r), but Kaposváron (coz Hungary with -vá_r_) So easy and sooo loveable :-D


Well, personally, I would absolutely love an anti-gravity Sunday - so much fun! So many possibilities! ;D (I understand what you mean, of course, no offense meant!)


I wouldn't say "János vasárnapon született" but if I said "János was born on a Sunday" then I WOULD say "János egy vasárnapon született".


No, always "vasárnap" never "vasárnapon".


I have the same question :( Why is it that important the order of this kinda sentences?


What am I emphasizing if I say "Vasárnap született János", or is that wrong?

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