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"Az angol tengerek hidegek és mélyek."

Translation:The English seas are cold and deep.

July 5, 2016



When you're in the most difficult section so far and you're finally like, "I know what this one means!" and then you say "oceans."


Would this count as a general statement about English seas?


Cool, I hope someone reports that "English seas" wasn't accepted. I think I've missed my chance.


i'm hearing something closer to 'méek', or 'méyek' for mélyek. Is this just the audio not coming out right?


"ly" is the same as "j" - there is no "L" sound.


I reported it just in case. Judit is correct. Whenever you see a vowel-LY combination. The vowel skips the L and blends into the Y /ee/ sound. Like the Spanish H acting like a W in Chihuahua, It's a nice Hungarian vowel separator!

mély = /MEH-ee/ ......... mélyek = /MEH-yeck/

király (king) = /KIH-rah-ee/ ........ királyak (kings) = /KIH-rah-yawk/


Almost. "ly" is actually a letter in the Hungarian alphabet - and sounds exactly like the Hungarian "j".


these transcriptions are still scarily confusing. "mély" is one syllable, "király" is two syllables and what's with that "ee" anyways...


the expression of "English seas" is odd


That's because they are cold and deep. We get brain freeze, trying to keep warm enough to figure it out. Nah, seriously - I think of the area around Great Britain on these. Their seas are cold and deep. The USA waters are more meleg.

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