"I don't go to bed early tonight."

Translation:Ma este nem fekszek korán.

July 5, 2016

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the previous sentence "én fekszek" could lead to the impression that it must translate to "being a liar". not to actually "lying in bed". so you get this multiple choice question wrong in the 1st round.


fekszek? should not it be fekszem??


I would've said fekszek because there's no subject in this sentence but wiktionary has it conjugated as fekszem... Hmmm, need a Hungarian here!


i am a Hungarian, but I'm not 100% sure if it's good grammatically, because you can hear them used in both ways. but as far as I know you conjugate the "-IK verbs" in 1st Singular with "-m" ending.


Wouldn't a more literal translation be "Ma este men megyek ágyba koran"? "Fekszek" means "I lie down", not necessarily in the sense of going to bed, so it would not have been my first choice except all the other multiple choice options were clearly wrong.

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