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  5. "Te látsz egy rendezőt?"

"Te látsz egy rendezőt?"

Translation:Do you see a director?

July 5, 2016



What's up with the use of the personal pronouns so frequently through here? I really want to put underscores or something around the English translation! "Do you see a director?"


Would "igazgató" be a correct translation for "director" or is it not widely used any more in commonly spoken modern Hungarian?


igazgató = a director of a company, school etc.

rendező = filmdirector


And the film is "Reine des oeufs" in french (Queen of eggs)... It would be better to have "filmdirector" in the sentence in english... I think we have more directors for school and companies than filmdirector!


That makes totally sense, cheers!


why not a manager? All are directors?


Rendező is a film or theater director. The "manager" kind of director is called igazgató.


Why is "Are you seeing a director?" incorrect answer?


That sounds like "are you dating a director" in colloquial american english. Does this idiom also translate to hungarian?


lát - to see (to perceive with the eyes)

I think you mean this,

jár - to go out with somebody, to date (-val/-vel)(girlfriend and boyfriend)... e.g. "Járok valakivel - I'm dating someone"

Then there is also, randevúzik -(intransitive) to date, to take someone out on a date (someone -val/-vel)... e.g. "Randevúzol valakivel? - Are you dating anyone"


Yes: "Are you going out with someone", "are you dating someone", and "are you seeing something" all mean the same thing, at least in American English. "Are you dating someone" refers to a long-standing thing (or a habitual action), and is different from "Are you going on a date with someone".

I take it that "Te látsz egy rendezőt" is completely unrelated :-).


As an Australian, I can confirm that it's not just American English, although maybe it started there.



Omg, read more carefully! I was talking about the PHRASE "to be seeing someone". Of course I know people originated in Africa. Of course people going out with/dating/seeing each other didn't originate in America.


Why do you think that going out with someone started in America? Don't you know that the human race originated in Africa?


I thought you had understood that my comment was just a joke. Sorry for not having said it the appropriate way.


Can this also be translated "have you seen a director"?


No, this is a present-tense sentence. We're asking if you currently see or are currently able to see a director. Or spot/find one.

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