"The king eats bread."

Translation:המלך אוכל לחם.

July 5, 2016

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ha-mélech ochél léchem.

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    spelling question -is there a rule for whether a word uses כ or ח ?


    Not really, but there are certain patterns that you start to notice as you become more familiar with the language. One is that a ח (chet) on the end of a words always ends with "ach," so if you hear a different vowel with the guttural sound on the end of a word, you will know it is the ך (kaf sofit). Also כ (kaf) on the front of a word makes the hard "k" sound, not the guttural. When you hear the guttural on the front of a word you'll know that it is a ח (chet).


    מה אתה כותב?


    When we knows that eats is (אוכל) or (אוכלת)?


    If the subject is masculine, like "king" in this sentence, then it is אוכל. If it is feminine, like "woman" then it would be אוכלת.

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