"The king eats bread."

Translation:המלך אוכל לחם.

July 5, 2016



spelling question -is there a rule for whether a word uses כ or ח ?

July 5, 2016


Not really, but there are certain patterns that you start to notice as you become more familiar with the language. One is that a ח (chet) on the end of a words always ends with "ach," so if you hear a different vowel with the guttural sound on the end of a word, you will know it is the ך (kaf sofit). Also כ (kaf) on the front of a word makes the hard "k" sound, not the guttural. When you hear the guttural on the front of a word you'll know that it is a ח (chet).

July 5, 2016
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