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sth wrong with the number of days

My problem is that I have a different number of days on my iphone app and the Duolingo website (17-1 !!!). I have tried log out/in several times but this problem exists. It has appeared during the lesson - my mobile Duolingo app crashed and I could not log in for some time. I realised sth is wrong when on the website I had read the message ,,You have lost your wager. Better luck next time!" (I have bought "Double or Nothing" and I am sure I have practised Duolingo everyday - and the Iphone app is sure I have practised for 17 days, too....). Any help?

February 1, 2014



Do you have the coach enabled for one of your languages on the iPhone app? If you do you'll see the number of days on track and if not you'll see your site streak. On the web you'll see your site streak. You're still in the old design where we show individual language streaks when you hover over the flame. The new design will only show you your site streak. You'll get that in the next week. I understand this is confusing. We're working on it :)


Yes, I have the coach enabled for my Spanish lessons on my iPhone. Now I see 19 days on track on the iPhone app and only 4 days site streak - and of course, 19 days motivate me better ;) Thanks for explanation and I am waiting for changes next week

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