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My Hungarian Experience (So Far)

Szia! I have quite the long road ahead of me if I am going to continue my journey with Hungarian. When a new language comes out on Duolingo, I try it out to see if I like it. I give it a fair couple of lessons, and I do a quick self-evaluation. Do I like it? Do I find enjoyment out of what I learned? I did this with Hungarian, and for some reason I am excited to learn this language. I loved that there weren't any genders, as they aren't hard to understand and grasp, but rather pesky. And by no means is this a walk in the park. The 35 cases aren't going to deter me from my goal though.

As of right now, I don't find Hungarian hard. The vocabulary isn't difficult, the cases aren't that hard, the word order is rather straightforward. The lack of genders helps quite a bit, as to not memorize a single article for every single word. The adjectives aren't that complicated... Maybe, I'm in for one hell of an upwards battle, or maybe I'm in for a smooth ride. Now I've heard many things such as; "There are 35 cases!" and "It's one of the hardest languages to learn!" I've found it's a lot easier if you think something is not difficult and enjoyable instead of fear-mongering and dreading your learning experience.

As a side note–Köszönöm Hungarian Team for developing this amazing course! Also good luck to any who are learning Hungarian! Viszontlátásra! If there are any odd Hungarian mistakes in this what so ever, could you point them out? Köszönöm!

July 6, 2016



I think Duolingo will help erase the "Hungarian is too hard" mentality. Good luck on your learning!


Köszönöm! You as well. I also believe that this will eliminate some of that mentality as well.


I'm so happy Hungarian for English speakers has been made. There might be a few things here and there that need tightening up but otherwise I'm finding it so useful. Been with my Hungarian husband for 7 years and this is the first time I've felt confident learning Hungarian. Even he is shocked and happy with it all! Although some sentences we are asked to translate make him laugh a lot


So far, the most difficult parts in learning Hungarian for me are:

  1. memorizing vocabulary... but the same goes for German (the other language i'm currently studying);

  2. (the biggest one) sentence structure/word order. I thought it was free-er than it actually is... but I guess I will sort it out by means of exercise and committment, won't I?


I think some of 2. is caused by alternate translations not being accepted when they should be. I'm also having a really hard time with word order, but in many cases I can see no reason why my answer is incorrect. Edit: of course, I wouldn't want to give the impression that I am in any way ungrateful for the fantastic job the Hungarian team have done :) it's now down to us learners to ensure we report errors and make the course even better!


You're right Limbo63... of course there is an alternate translations issue and we have the chance to help fix it and make the Hungarian course one of the most awesome on Duo :)


Also, many kudos to the Hungarian Team! I have been wanting to learn Hungarian for years and this finally is making it possible. Köszönöm szépen!


good luck on your journey! (:


From what I’ve heard there are no cases at all. These are all suffixes and prefixes. The “cases” are only a comparison to other indo-european languages but Hungarians themselves don’t call them cases. Someone please confirm if I’m right or not.


As my linguist friend puts it: linguists are trying to squeeze Hungarian into the schematics of Indo-European languages. Thus you get some interesting stuff in classification.


I believe they act as "cases," but yes they are incredibly simplified from let's say a German case. I could be wrong about this as well.


Native Hungarian here with some (little) knowlegde on linguistics. The Hungarian system of suffixes (ragozás) is different from the Indo-European system of cases. I wouldn't say it is simplified at all. It is very, very complicated in its own way, even native Hungarians don't always get everything right (just like native Germans don't do with genders, for instance). But if you learn some basics, you will be able to speak - not perfectly, but you will be able to make yourself understood.

Don't be discouraged by Hungarians correcting you or even making fun of you most of the time. Keep two things in mind: 1) Many Hungarians really suck at learning foreign languages, so they mock you to make themselves feel better about their own inability to learn a foreign language properly. 2) We Hungarians are really not used to foreigners speaking "broken" Hungarian in a way, like, native English speakers are used to pretty much everyone in the world speaking some kind of broken English. This is the reason we always have a tendency to correct or mock non-native Hungarian speakers. We just need time to get used to it. So don't get discouraged, have fun learning and speaking our amazingly crazy language. :)


Thank you very much for the information and encouragement!


Good luck with your learning! Also we are quite similar because I do the same thing. When a new language comes out I try the first couple of lessons or skills and see if I like it. Sometimes I'll decide I don't really like it and stop but I do enjoy Hungarian and plan to finish the tree. However, I am finding some parts of it quite difficult but I don't think it's as hard as many people say it is.


"Hungarian is too hard" never heard such a bigger lie than that. Hungarian isn't too hard at all if you have the motivation

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