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When Israelis read the Christian Bible or...

Jewish Tanakh do they read it in modern or biblical Hebrew?

July 6, 2016



Jewish Tanakh is definitely read in biblical Hebrew (there are some books used for interpretation). Not sure about the new testimony (we don't read it normally), but I don't think it's written in biblical Hebrew.


The new testament has been translated to Hebrew by Christians churches and Messianic congregations, but the versions that I have seen use Modern Hebrew.


If you know any Christians I'd really like to know.

I figured the Jewish community would read in biblical Hebrew, but the Christians (I know there aren't too many in Israel.) I assume would read in regular modern Hebrew.


Most of the Christians in Israel will read it in other languages...

2% of israeli citizens are Christians and 80% of them are Arab Christians


That's crazy 2% of Americans are Jewish and most are Christian. So we're like opposites. Wow, so there are very few Christian Israelis. That's even less than I thought. How are Christians viewed over there? Is there any dislike or are people fine with you being Christian?


DocHatteras you have to understand that you are talking about a small group of religious fanatics and fundamentalists in tiny areas inside Jerusalem who does not, in any way, represent entire Israel..

I am 100% positive that you can practice any religion you want in Tel-aviv, Haifa, Beer Sheva, other parts of Jerusalem and any other place in Israel for that matter. Hell, I'm pretty sure that if I go into these orthodox neighborhoods on Saturday with a phone, or any other day with "immodest clothing" I will be spitted on too..

Let alone the fact that in northern Israel there are so many churches, monasteries and entire christian villages, and I have never heard any complaints from them. All I am saying is that you can't blame an entire country based on the actions of a small group of people, racism and ignorance exists everywhere.


I asked my mother, she read The New Testament for her studies. She said a Hebrew speaker will read it in biblical Hebrew.


Though it could only be biblical-like, since the translations are new and not actually from the time of the bible.


Thanks a ton, friend.


isn't the new testament written in Greek


Yes but it is translated


the new testament is in "biblical like" hebrew, it was translated from greek. the old testemant is in biblical hebrew?

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