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"Không phải con chuột cũng không phải con chim ăn trái táo."

Translation:Neither the mouse nor the bird eats the apple.

July 6, 2016



I said "eat" instead of "eats." I think it should accept it. I'm not sure my grammar is even wrong. Either way, I'm studying Vietnamese, not English grammar.


I get bitten by that too. I think "eats" is grammatically correct, but as you said, "eat" is in practice common enough (and may in fact be accepted; language ultimately is democratic and what most people say IS eventually accepted as correct usage, despite what grammarians try to tell us).

But yeah, it's frustrating as heck to know the answer and get market wrong b/c of an English typo or grammar error (or, even less). I think Duolingo should be less forgiving of our errors with Vietnamese diacritics (which actually DO change the meaning) and more forgiving for English spelling and grammar errors and typos.


I also said eat and am sure it's okay


Yeah, especially when in another exercise with "both" structure it accepts the opposite only.


Táo appears with two different classifiers---trái táo and quả táo. Is there a difference of meaning between them?


The document Nguyen Đinh Hoa (1957) Classifiers in Vietnamese, (WORD, 13:1, 124-152, DOI: 10.1080/00437956.1957.11659631) which I found at https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/00437956.1957.11659631 says that both trái and quả can be used as a classifier for a fruit, or a round, spheric object (on page 150).

It also tells me that the English collective noun for kittens is 'kendle' - always learning.


It should be eat and not eats. In a neither nor construct you're talking about both not eating, i.e. Both don't eat the apple. As opposed to an either or construct in which only one eats the apple.


gì mà dài quá vậy nè


It sounds like he says something else apart from cũngk hông in the middle of the sentence. The audio is not clear


And then i put rat how silly of me to think the chuot in google was the same chuot. chuột hoặc chuột


I also put 'eat' as opposed to 'eats'...come on Duolingo! A little leeway when learning a language. Especially given this ridiculous heart system.


thiếu từ trái mà nó trừ điểm


Why is this wrong? "Không phải con chuột mà cũng không phải con chim ăn trái táo." It's exactly the same as the correct answer.

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