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Man, I love this site but I can't do it all on my Ipad or my Windows 8 Tablet because nobody seems to support Flash anymore. Not really convenient to sit at my old Vista Desktop to practice. Suggestion: Get rid of Flash requirement.

January 30, 2013



Years away since this talk has started and Duolingo still requires Flash for speaking exercises. Even on Windows with Edge, all platforms with Chrome and Firefox or on OS X with Safari now we have native HTML5 audio. Flash should be just a fallback if you have more then 2-3% users still locked in the IceAge with Internet Bangxplorer 8.1234.

Really. I bet that almost all users on Duolingo use non prehistoric browsers committing to learn another language.


I can do the speaking exercises and I don't have flash installed. Chrome 48 on Mac


i agree - can't hear the audio so i skip but my non-answers are marked as incorrect. would be nice to be able to remove the listening option.


Is there any news?


I know nothing about Apple products but I was under the impression Duolingo has an IPhone application and they may run on an IPAD. http://duolingo.com/#/mobile


We don't like Flash either :( Unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of Flash if we want to allow you to speak into the microphone. There's simply no other technology that allows this to happen. We do have an iPhone app, which works on the iPad (though it's not optimized for it).


Does the iPhone app allow speaking into the microphone since apple doesn't support Flash. If so, I will try it on the iPad. If not then it wouldn't be any different than on the browser. Any plans for Windows phone app?


I think they are working on this in the iPhone app.


You don't need flash to listen, only to speak into the program with a mic. My frustration is not with Duolingo which is SUPER AWESOME. Only with this transition where Flash seems to be going away but isn't gone yet so there is lots of incapatibility between stuff. I may try Chrome but is on a Windows 8 tablet which has Flash but it is VERY restricted to select sites/programs so not sure if chrome would bypass that.


why can't i hear the audio then? can anyone help please?

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