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  5. "יש מזגן בחדר הזה?"

"יש מזגן בחדר הזה?"

Translation:Is there an air-conditioner in this room?

July 6, 2016



Could this also mean, "Is there air-conditioning in this room?"


I think air-conditioning is usually Mizug.


This should be considered correct in English.


(non native English speaker) what's the difference between air-conditioner and air-conditioning?


Air conditioner is the actual machine, and air conditioning is what it does


The conditioner is the device, conditioning is the state of the air as a result of a device. Ex. A room with a broken air-conditioner could be said to have an air-conditioner but no air conditioning; meanwhile an individual apt. with some with off central air-conditioning (for the whole building/floor), wouldn't have an air-conditioner (in the apt. itself) per se. Pretty abstract and in most cases we'd talk about air-conditioning unless you're talking specifically about getting your conditioner fixed or some other context where the device becomes relevant.


aircon? Air con is two separate words. But why not simply use "air conditioner"?


I have a doubt: I always thought that חדר is pronounced 'heder'. I have a strong impression that female voice in some exercises pronounces it more like 'hadar'. Can someone please clarify this for me? Thank you!


I think it's pronounced 'hadar' when it's in construct state, e.g. bedroom חדר שינה. (I could be wrong though.)


Thank you, that would be very sensible explanation!

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