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(Weekly) Incubator Update: Tracking Progress from June 26th to July 6th

Hungarian goes beta!
The course for Hungarian for English speakers is now in its beta phase! Congratulations to the course team and to Team Duolingo for taking another step towards free language education to the world!

Two courses graduate from beta
1. Welsh for English
2. German for Turkish
These courses have graduated from beta. Congratulations to all involved for their hard work - the course teams, team Duolingo, and to all the Duolingoers who have helped by providing their suggestions, reports, etc.

PHASE 1 Progress: Total 23 courses

Hungarian for English - 100% | 100% | 100% | Beta

Guarani for Spanish - 100% | 100% | 100% | 100% (+0)

Greek for English - 100% | 100% | 100% | 100% (+0) 15-Jun-2016

Esperanto for Spanish - 100% | 100% | 100% | 99% (-1) 24-Jul-2016

Spanish for Chinese - 99% | 99% | 99% | 99% (+0)

English for Thai  - 98% | 98% | 98% | 98% (+0)

German for Italian - 90% | 90% | 91% | 91% (+0)

Romanian for English - 89% | 89% | 89% | 91% (+2)

Portuguese for French - 78% | 82% | 87% | 90% (+3)

Swahili for English - 70% | 70% | 70% | 70% (+0) 1-Aug-2016 ^

Spanish for Italian - 67% | 68% | 68% | 68% (+0)

Swedish for Russian - 64% | 65% | 65% | 65% (+0)

Italian for Portuguese - 54% | 54% | 55% | 55% (+0) 1-Apr-9999

Czech for English - 51% | 52% | 53% | 54% (+1) 17-Apr-2017 ^

French for Chinese - 47% | 47% | 47% | 47% (+0)

Russian for Turkish - 44% | 45% | 45% | 45% (+0) 31-Dec-2016

French for Turkish - 41% | 41% | 41% | 41% (+0)

Indonesian for English - 22% | 25% | 29% | 29% (+0)

Hindi for English - 27% | 27% | 28% | 28% (+0) 26-Jan-2017 ^

Klingon for English - 26% | 26% | 26% | 26% (+0) 1-Aug-2016

Korean for English - 13% | 13% | 14% | 16% (+2) 31-Dec-9998

English for Tamil - 0% | 5% | 10% | 14% (+4) 28-Feb-2017 *

Yiddish for English - 6% | 6% | 8% | 9% (+1) 7-Jul-2018

English for Bengali - 0% | 1% | 2% | 3% (+1) 20-Feb-2017

Course - 3 weeks ago | 2 weeks ago | a week ago | Now (Progress delta); Estimated Launch Date (provided by contributors) (Date delta)

'Estimated Launch Date' only when provided by the course contributors

Mean - 1.40% | 0.68% | 0.88% | 0.57% (-0.31)
Median - 0% | 0% | 0% | 0% (+0)

* This week's Leader Extraordinaire!
^ The Hindi, Czech, & Swahili teams' progress is as per their own calculation

Progress Visualized:

Here's what the contributing teams have said during the last week:
(For Phase-1 and Phase-2 courses by default, and for Phase-3 courses per request).

woolfool from Team Hungarian wrote 5 days ago (Star Update Award Winner):

BETA Finally!

Well, the wait is over. The long awaited Hungarian course has gone to Beta. So, please start testing it, send us many feedback, that we will fix as soon as we can, and hopefully, in a month's time we will graduate from beta.

Thanks everybody!

rmcode from Team Welsh wrote 3 days ago:

Course graduates from beta.

After six months of hard work by the team the course has today graduated from beta.

Perfect timing for those of us interested in sport, with the astonishing football success occurring only a few hours ago.

nueby from Team Czech wrote 3 days ago:

Week 52

1080 words, 54%.

Lextum8 from Team EO for ES wrote 2 days ago:

[Enmetu ĉi tien la titolon]

Saluton! Falta un pequeño pedacito ínfimo por parte de la Akademio, esperamos que sea en cualquier momento. Mientras tanto pulimos algunas cosas que estaban bastante confusas o que faltaban. Lamento tener que patear la fecha para adelante, pero me gusta el 24 ;)

rohanshankar from Team Tamil wrote 15 hours ago:

Completion till Checkpoint - 1 கட்டம்-1 வரை முடிவு


Basics 1 Basics 2 A/An Everyday Speech Verbs 1: Simple Present Food 1 Numbers 1 Direct Object 1 * Colours 1


  • அடிப்படை 1
  • அடிப்படை 2
  • ஒரு
  • தினசரி பேச்சு
  • வினைச்சொற்கள் 1: எளிய நிகழ்காலம்
  • சாப்பாடு 1
  • எண்கள் 1
  • நேரடி பொருள் (இரண்டாம் வேற்றுமை) 1
  • வண்ணங்கள் 1

Please leave your comments here.

உங்கள் கருத்துகளை இங்கே பதிவு செய்யவும்.


Hungarian is now available in beta! Non-weekly frequency for the Weekly Incubator Updates continues...

Previous Update 19-Jun to 26-Jun

My summer travel will yet again force slight changes to the WIU schedule for the next week or two.

Last updates from:
2016: Jun, May, Apr, Mar, Feb, Jan
2015: Dec, Nov, Oct, Sep, Aug, Jul, Jun, May, Apr, Mar, Feb, Jan
2014: Dec, Nov, Oct, Sep, Aug, Jul, Jun, May, Apr, Mar, Feb, Jan, 1st.

July 6, 2016



Good heavens, Yiddish is moving!



... okay little yay guy would work better if Duolingo didn't eat my backslash...


It'll work if you type two: \o/


Oooh, thanks - neat trick! \o/


My thought exactly


Hungarian's in Beta!! So... time for Finnish right?!


tlfmhtmf The lingots for mentioning hungarian than mentioning finnish


Hindi i'm... i'm... i'm worried for you. is everything alright? do you need help? do you need me to make you a warm cup of tea or something? anything really, just tell me.


Spanish for Chinese has just entered beta!


I just found their forum, looks like it's been spammed by some user(though not that well I might add!)


YAY!!!!!! (Not about the spamming, but about the course entering beta.)


I'm so impressed with the Czech team's steady progress, and looking forward to the course so much! And thanks jitengore for the great update, as usual.


I still don't know why the Ukrainian course looks like it's abandoned.


Yeah, it's like it's been sitting in stasis since it entered beta.


Magyar itt van, ez egy álom!


Does this mean "Hungarian is here, it is a dream!"? If it is, then consider that a triumph for the Hungarian team. (If not, all errors are mine alone ;))

My only issue at the moment is two languages I really want to do coming out so close together. My poor brain is struggling to cope with them both at the same time. But... it's a fun problem to have!


Hi, just in case, that 99% in the eo_es course is just a bug, all of the words are ready and I locked the tree.


Assuming that Guaraní has actually been at 100% this whole time (I know we have no reason to assume that it has been, but we also have no reason to assume it hasn't been, what with absolutely 0 updates from the team, but steady progress from 0 to 100) is there any reason to assume that it will definitely come out before, say, other Spanish courses? I mean, I know that the teams are entirely independent from one another, but it would be nice to hope that if EO for ES is estimated to come out July 24, that Guaraní for ES might come out before then.

I mean, I understand the responses to all the complaints people have about courses taking a long time. In one sense, I don't care if it takes Guaraní another year (though I sure hope not), but my soul is dying with the complete lack of updates. 0n0


They've done around 1850 words, we in the Esperanto for Spanish course have 1917 words. Considering Esperanto is much easier and most courses have 2000 words at least, I believe they aren't finished.

As Guaraní is a new language in Duolingo, I read that they will have to record the voice or ask for someone to do it, so probably finding someone might take some time.


true, and fair. Thank you, by the way. The whole "1850 words" thing is the only update I've seen anywhere. Presumably the voice recording is what would have been happening all this time since they "hit 100%" but, of course like you say, that 100% number probably isn't accurate.

I'll point out that I am aware of how that number is calculated, and thus how it can be not truly representative of the progress. I was just hoping it was, since it did progress gradually all the way up, instead of getting huge bumps. Alas. Voy a seguir esperando anhelosamente.


Thank you for your work on the update! Great as always.


Nice job as always! :)


So excited to learn Greek!;)


Great to see Eng->Korean making steady progress.


I hate to complain or something, but can someone explain to me what's going on with Greek for English speakers? It's been in Phase 1 (100%!!!) for a while, I'm almost getting worried for it haha


Finished courses A) are not necessarily complete, as if some revamping or expansion of the course is planned this will not be reflected in the 100% estimate; B) may require other, non-word-or-lesson-construction materials to be provided, such as finding a TTS program to use, or recording all sentences by an actor when no suitable TTS can be found; and C) always require some work from the Duolingo corporate team to release, and they have a lot of other things on their plate. Generally, 100% finished courses are moved to Phase 2 at a rate of one a month or so.


CHEERS for Hungarian :DD

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