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Hebrew Alphabet

Hi there,

I wanted to start the hebrew course but there seem to be a major oversight which is it assumes you know the Hebrew Alphabet? Its no really useful to anyone who is just starting to learn the language or am i missing something?

thanks, Sascha

July 6, 2016



I had probably gotten to beginner A level on Hebrew some years ago but found even the aleph-beyt was lost to me by now. And, I have decided to do three things along with my Duolingo Hebrew to make it easier to build a firm foundation.

  1. Re-study the alphabet, which I am working on in Memrize.
  2. Practice the Duolingo Hebrew words on Memrize to get the words and spellings cold.
  3. Teach myself touch typing in Hebrew using the suggested website, so I won't spend so much time hunting and pecking.

Working on these is slowing my progress, but, I feel like by the time I complete all these and the Duolingo tree I will have a great foundation.

Thanks, Duolingo!


Touch typing is the way!


The entire first skill is dedicated to teaching the alphabet. It is taught in pieces, and the course builds from there. It is tough, but certainly doable.

If you need more preparation, there is a Memrise course specifically on the Hebrew alphabet.


Thanks! yhea unfortunately the test are not really valuable i mean i can kind guess my way through it but need the alphabet. where do i find memrise course?


Hello Sasha! I've had the same problem. U might wanna try this anki deck. https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1420931293 And here is the Memrise course http://www.memrise.com/course/1031737/hebrew-duolingo/



ב =Bet

Pronounced V unless there is a dot inside then pronounced B

ohhh joy this is going to be fun. ;)


As far as I know there isn't a proper alphabet teaching method anywhere on Duolingo, so it's a software problem as well. However, from my experience learning the Arabic, Japanese (kana) and Korean alphabets, the biggest obstacle is the fear of the alphabet. In fact learning a new alphabet is extremely easy (even kana with over 90 letters in total) if you are serious about learning the language. The best way I found was to write a text that you have some interest in (like a song in the target language that you like) in the native alphabet, assuming you know what you're writing sounds like. After one or two such exercises you will probably know the alphabet, or at least know it well enough to do the Duolingo exercises in Hebrew (which also help teach the alphabet).


That's a great idea!


Hebrew keyboard stickers have completely saved my life - I found some on Amazon that were about six dollars CAD including shipping, it's a good investment.


And learning touch typing is an even better investment!


I'm hoping I'll be at that stage eventually :)


You learn the alphabet in the first three skills, I was a little disappointed with that at first too but give it a chance. I think I actually like it better this way. I don't know it perfectly yet but after doing the lessons a few times with a cheat sheet I'm able to recognize and name each letter plus I can find them on my keyboard. It will be easy to smooth out the rough edges later.


I'd also recommend Shalom TV (now JBS , Jewish broadcasting service) has alphabet lessons on YouTube. It has a great video on the nikud /vowels, I think it's #2). Linguistix channel has great authentic individual letter pronunciation, especially for resh (rolling r) & gutteral sounds. I used those and Memrise for alphabet, then Memrise Duolingo Hebrew. I did know most of them from Hebrew school... There's always the alef bet song... SHEFITA has done a great updated version of it. (There's always Shalom Sesame, with Jerry Stiler, Nell Carter, Joan Rivers, etc...


Yeah a Hebrew Alphabet thing like the Hindi one would be helpful to go over on every now and then on duolingo.

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