"The bus is not in the front but in the back."

Translation:A busz nem elöl van, hanem hátul.

July 6, 2016



...and this one requires the "van". eeeek

July 6, 2016


"Van" in this case doesn't just describe something, it refers to physically being somewhere.

July 6, 2016


Thank you very much! Maybe I will get this eventually.

July 6, 2016


Can I use "nincs" here instead of "nem van"?

July 8, 2016


No, because the negated part is "elöl" and therefore "nem" needs to stand before that. "Nincs" is a replacement for "nem van" only if there is nothing inbetween.

July 11, 2016


Isn't "A busz nem elöl van, pedig hátul." right too?

July 8, 2016


No. "hanem" = "sondern" in German. "Pedig" doesn't have a meaning that fits here.

July 11, 2016


How might you explain this to someone not familiar with German?

July 18, 2016


Apparently, Spanish sino is similar to German sondern and Hungarian hanem.

In English, the closest is probably "but rather" or "but instead" - sometimes we just use "but", but(!) that word also has other meanings so it may be confusing to learn simply "hanem = but".

hanem implies a contrast -- "not A, but (rather/instead) B".

July 18, 2016


And what about pedig? Sorry for asking in a year

September 13, 2017


'Pedig' is used to make comparison between two or more listed things = Something is...A, 'and what concerns to' an other thing is B; or Something is.. A, an other thing is B, ..., 'and what concerns to' the last thing it is Z Pl.: Az autó piros, a bicikli pedig fekete. The car is red, and what concerns the bike it is black. Az autó piros, a bicikli fekete, a roller pedig rózsaszín. The car is red, the bike it is black, and what concerns the roller it is pink.

'Hanem' is used to make a contrast to a negative sentence = ..not A.., but (rather).. B Pl.: Az autó nem piros, hanem kék. The car is not red, but (rather) blue.

January 10, 2018


hanem vs pedig?

April 5, 2017


Take a look at the other comments on this page.

May 28, 2017


What is the difference between elött and elöl?

December 22, 2016


Előtt is rather 'in front of sg.' or before sg. like an event or point in time. Elöl is just general 'in the front'.

March 28, 2017


I normally put the "elöl" before the van but a couple exercises ago I was marked wrong and told to put it after the "van." Is there a rule?

March 25, 2019
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