"Enjoy your meal!"


July 6, 2016

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I think there is a problem with this sentence: from my time in English-speaking countries (about 3 years in total in Canada, US, UK), I got the impression that it's rarely appropriate/customary to say בתיאבון at the beginning of a meal, whether it's "Enjoy your meal", "Bon appetit", or any other form of this phrase.

When do English speakers say "Enjoy your meal"? In settings like a restaurant, when the waiter comes and gives you a meal. In Hebrew however, the waiter will almost never say בתיאבון (I guess it depends, but it's pretty rare), but they might more commonly say "Enjoy!" (תהנה/תהני/תהנו).

Therefore actually the literal translation might be more appropriate here (it's not accepted), or no translation at all.


is תהנה הארוחה שלך fine


The grammatically correct way to say that would be: תהנה מהארוחה שלך However, specifying 'your' would sound awkward in Hebrew, better to say: תהנה מהארוחה.

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