"László is not an engineer, but a policeman."

Translation:László nem mérnök, hanem rendőr.

July 6, 2016

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When do I use nem instead of nincs?


'Nincs' means "nem van" (I don't have a house = Nincs házam.) But never use "nem van", because it's incorrect.


So why is nincs not correct here?


Nem means "no" or "not". Nincs means something doesn't exist or there isn't any of it. Nincs and nincsen have the same meaning basically. Also, you can think of it as nincs = "nem van" (nem van is NOT said in Hungarian.)


Thank you Stuttgart3!


My Hungarian teacher taught it as "nincs" = "nem van" also, because nem van is never said. Try to think of it as the negative third person singular form of the verb "to be". I walked into a store and asked for a pineapple and the lady said "nincs" ("there is none"- they didn't have pineapples at that store). "Nincs házam" doesn't have a literal English translation that's grammatically correct, but it would be something like "there is no house of mine".


Since you already know some Turkish: nem is a bit like hayır (no) or değil (not) while nincs is like yok (there is not).

Nincs házam = Evim yok "I have no house" (literally something like "my house does not exist" or "there is no house of mine").


i am wondering why not "...egy rendőr"? what am i misunderstanding i am wondering to myself...?

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    Don't I need a verb in this sentence? Or isn't a verb at least optional?


    No offense, I'm unironically wondering how you have made it till this chapter without understanding or at least encountering "zero copula" in third person ie. the drop of "van" and "vannak" when their only purpose is to connect a noun or a pronoun to another noun or adjective.
    This was the main topic of Basic 1 actually https://www.duolingo.com/skill/hu/Basic-1/tips-and-notes


    That's the problem with Duo's method of learning sometimes. For some people it's like a game, just trying to reach the furthest level possible, without actually learning anything.


    You are write in a way, as there is a lot missing here.

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