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capitals with umlauts

I can't seem to get my computer to put umlauts on any capitals. Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

June 12, 2012



Use the shift button beneath the text boxes, followed by clicking on the accented letter. Alternatively, on a Mac, hold option + u, and then shift + vowel. On Windows, enable the German keyboard and hit shift together with its designated key.


Or you can make the international keyboard your default keyboard. Then to type umlauts on either a lowercase or uppercase letter, you simply type quote marks ( " ) then press the letter, or press shift and the letter to make it uppercase. Typing an apostrophe ( ' ) or a grave accent ( ` ) will add an accent over a vowel (e.g. á or à), while typing a tilde (~) and typing an "n" makes the spanish letter "ñ."

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