"Leslie is speaking on the phone beside the long, wide street."

Translation:László a hosszú, széles utca mellett telefonál.

July 6, 2016

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"Leslie telefonál a hosszú széles utca mellett." Is it a great deal to translate names or not?


It didn't occured to me that Leslie is supposed to be László O.o - maybe because I know that the Czech version of László is Ladislav, but I've never heard or read nor did it occured to me that Leslie had anything to do with Ladislav.


I don't think that it has. Leslie is a Scottish surname and place-name. Ladislaus is a very uncommon English name related to Laszlo.


Az ige miért nem helyezhető az alany utàn?


Laszlo a hosszu, szeles utca szelen (mellett) telefonal?

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