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"A könnyű és piros almák szárazak vagy nedvesek?"

Translation:Are the light and red apples dry or wet?

July 6, 2016



to the editors

For me, as a Hungarian native speaker, it was not clear at first based on the tone of the sound that this was a question sentence. (Nekem, mint magyar anyanyelvűnek csak a hang hanglejtése alapján elsőre nem volt egyértelmű, hogy ez egy kérdőmondat.) This with this intonation could also be a bivariate statement.


Wet and dry apples? Where are the important ducks!


Hmmm... This sentence could be talking about 2 different things. If it means the inside of the apple, it should be "dry or moist/juicy". It could be "dry or wet" if it's referring to the outside of the apple, though.


We do not used to say nedves for juicy or nedves when we are talking about the inside of a fruit. Juicy: lédús, zamatos, leves (lev+es, not leves as soup; leves means "leve van": it has a lot of juice inside). Moist: the air was moist (damp) in the morning: a levegő nedves (nyirkos) volt reggel.


Are the light and red apples dry or moist? - moist is more correct. Wet would be vízes.

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