"A könnyű és piros almák szárazak vagy nedvesek?"

Translation:Are the light and red apples dry or wet?

July 6, 2016

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to the editors

For me, as a Hungarian native speaker, it was not clear at first based on the tone of the sound that this was a question sentence. (Nekem, mint magyar anyanyelvűnek csak a hang hanglejtése alapján elsőre nem volt egyértelmű, hogy ez egy kérdőmondat.) This with this intonation could also be a bivariate statement.


My answer was the same except for the last word and was not accepted. The translation I gave for nedves is 'moist'. I thought 'wet' would have been 'vizesek'. Please clarify. Moist in English means less than wet in moisture. Szaraz vagy vizes.


Are the light and red apples dry or moist? - moist is more correct. Wet would be vízes.


What an incredibly odd and random sentence.


Wet and dry apples? Where are the important ducks!

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