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  5. "Él siempre dice lo mismo."

"Él siempre dice lo mismo."

Translation:He always says the same thing.

January 30, 2013



Why is "lo" used instead of "el".


"lo mismo" is an expression that means "the same thing."


ahhhhh thank you, I think it will take me a while to internalize all the "expressions"


"El", "la", "lo", and "le" all come from different forms for "that" in Latin. In Italian, "lo" is a form of "the". Sometimes it's similar in Spanish.


i cannot see any difference between 'always says' and 'says always' but the latter is given as wrong


'says always' isn't really proper. 'always says' would need to be followed by 'that' i think. like 'He always says THAT he's a penguin.' lol. so i think that there wold need to be an eso or something.


Why isn't it "He always says (IT) the same?"


Hi flobaby - I think because there is a difference in meaning between saying, "it the same", as in saying something identical every time vs saying the same thing - you can tell the exact same story, for example, without using the same identical words. It's a subtle difference, but still a difference. Also, "lo mismo" is an expression that means, "the same thing". Hope that helps a little. :)

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