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  5. "בשביל מה אתה עושֶה את זה."

"בשביל מה אתה עושֶה את זה."

Translation:What do you do this for?

July 6, 2016



'For what do you do this?', is it also correct?


Technically yes, just sounds strange in English.


That's perfectly acceptable in English.


I know its free program and im extremely grateful. But if you guys do feel up to it, it woukd be nice to have a easier audio to listen to. Listening to native speakers at normal length doesnt help much. Too much guess work. In english, in order to learn it when i was a child, to learn the proper pronounciation of "Today" for example; it had to be taught like this: TOOOOO-DAAAAYYY. And the letter D was stressed to make it clear that was the letter indeed being spoken. I imagine every language learns this exact way or similar.. would be highly beneficial if we could learn the same. If not, like i said, its a free program and its really good and i appreciate it still.


I like using forvo.com to hear native Hebrew speakers say words and phrases. Its not a complete list, but you can also request words that aren't already being spoken. It doesn't give definitions, only pronunciation. Very helpful, imo!


I tried using it and it just looked confusing to me. But either way, I'll find a way.


When your word pops up, hit the little arrow/triangle on the left and it will play the word. Someimes it will pull up multiples of the word and phrases that has that word in it.


Thanks Marcella! This looks awesome. They have an app too which looks pretty good so far. It has some serious ads (videos), but it's only $3 to get the ad-free.


All the words with audio are here, no grammar. I'm learning Hebrew Duolingo vocab on Memrise! http://www.memrise.com/course/1031737/ (So recommend! I don't know how anyone gets far in Duolingo without the Memrise for Duolingo vocab).


Excellent point - speak to us who are learning at the toddler level the way you speak to your own toddlers!


I answered 'what would you do for this' and it was marked wrong. What would that have been, or is it also a possibility?


Sorry, 'what DO you do for this' was what I put.


Yes, it is correct. Grammatically a sentence should not end in a preposition.


Its just not as common in modern usage of the language.


It sounds like he is saying "bishli" instead of "bishvil"


Who and why are MUCH more common in this context. Why did you do this, Who did you do this for? I can only think of one way (scolding) that you'd use "what" : What is wrong with you; is there a reason you did this? OR What on earth possessed you to do this?



What for’ is used to ask the reason for something, similar to why. For example: ‘What do we use it for? Why do we use it?’ Both will answer the same thing, however, 'what for' is an informal usage and is not grammatically considered acceptable. Still many people do use it in normal usage.



That's actually the tone of voice in this question and why I came here ... to say it amused me. WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR! (As your 2-year-old pours their drink on the floor)


Might be correct, however in english very awkward


what for are you doing that, can you tell me why is this answer wrong?


I'm not a linguist or an English teacher. That said, it's (imho) bad grammar. Just take out the "for" and add it to the end. What are you doing..... that for. If you are stuck on English grammar, you might want to look at the grammarly.com app.


I think we'd just say 'why are you doing this?'


Why it is false if I wrote it, how should it be???


We have no idea what you wrote - no one else can see that, so nobody can answer your question.

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