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"Zsuzsa nem szeret fiatalokat festeni."

Translation:Zsuzsa does not like to paint young people.

July 6, 2016



'Young ones' doesn't work, is there a reason for that?


It works now. :)


can we say Zsuzsa nem szeret festeni fiatalokat?


Is it common in Hungarian for the object to split a verb phrase? I was surprised to see "nem szeret festeni" broken up. When this happens, which is the focus, the word in front of the active verb (Zsusza) or the word in front of the infinite (fiatalokat)? My assumption is the latter.

And one more question: if the focus is the word in front of the infinitive, then what is the difference in meaning/emphasis between "Zsuzsa fiatalokat nem szeret festeni" and "Zsuzsa nem szeret fiatalokat festeni." Does "nem szeret" then become the focus?? (Zsuzsa does not like to paint young ones... but she has no choice.)


well that's ageist of Zsuzsa


duolingo doesn't like "Zsuzsa doesn't like painting youth"

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