"The woman is inside, the man outside."

Translation:A nő bent van, a férfi kint.

July 6, 2016

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I said "a nő bent van, a férfi kint van" and it was marked wrong. Is there a reason you can only have the van in the first part?


It's a correct Hungarian sentence, but maybe the reason why your sentence was wrong, that in the original sentence ("The woman is inside, the man outside.") there's not 'is' after 'the man'.


Ah yeah, I think I might have just replaced it in my mind as the English sentence they have sounds a bit odd to me, or at least, not the most common way of saying that. Is this the more common way to say it in Hungarian though? I mean, that may be why they chose a less common way of saying something in English to demonstrate something about Hungarian.


I can't think of any better options.


Why is "a nő bent van, a férfi pedig kint" incorrect?


I used exactly "A nő bent van, a férfí pedig kint" and it said it was correct, so not sure why it was incorrect for you.


Because there is no 'and/but' in the sentence. If it's there then yours would be correct


But the 'and' is implied? And I've seen 'pedig' work with many setences thus far that used an implicit 'and' rather than an explicit one.


Does the order in which you say "bent" and "van" matter in this sentence? Would "A nö van bent, a fèrfi kint." also be correct?


I guessed "van bent" and it played the trumpet for me (correct!) but below told me the answer was "bent van". I came here to the comments looking for the answer to the same question. Does the order matter?


It clearly does. It moves the emphasis of the sentence. This topic is rather complex, for now, let me just say "bent van" is a rather neutral order with to be+location while "van bent" opens the emphasis to the preceding word. So, your sentence makes sense, with the connotation of "It's the woman that's inside - the man is actually outside". Could be an answer if someone asked about whether the man is inside.
Oh, and do check other questions and other discussions about word order, it can't be discussed under literally every question but there is a lot of it you can imagine...


There is no long ö on the phone keyboard, so maybe the program should stop reminding me every time that nö is written with a long ö. I know, I just don't have that letter.


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