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Typing in Hebrew?

If I have a basic Toshiba, how do I type Hebrew?

July 6, 2016



You should download a Hebrew keyboard layout. The phonetic layouts are available in settings in some OS's. If you don't have it there are probably some recommended by the Incubator team. Do you use Windows?

EDIT: It seems they didn't link any phonetic layout. You should look it up and download it if your OS doesn't have any "Hebrew (phonetic)" in settings.


THank you! I am trying that now.


google chrome allows safe, free, Hebrew typing. but write down the letters on the keyboard (it's easier). it works on my computer.


Greetings SnakesAreAwesome! Thank you for your response. You wouldn't happen to have a link for a good tutorial?


you can usually find something on youtube. but, a program called davka-writer allows you to translate hebrew into English and vice versa. you can use this is a template for writing down the keys.


if you do duolingo in chrome, then you can add "duolibro" which helps for typing Hebrew (it's freeeeeeeeeeeee!).


If you didn't find a good keyboard layout, you can download this one, hosted at The University of Kansas: https://egarc.ku.edu/installing-hebrew-ku-homophonic-keyboard-windows-7 This is the one I'm currently using.

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